Globally, there has been a quiet but dramatic transformation in the view of the corporation – from an amoral entity solely focused on maximising shareholder wealth within the parameters of the law, to a moral protagonist subject to a broader set of expectations.

Increasingly, wider questions are being asked of companies: “What is our purpose? What is our contribution to society? What values should guide our behaviour? What do we owe others; our shareholders of course, but also other stakeholders such as our employees, our customers and the communities in which we operate?” At Harvard Business School, they talk about a “new performance standard” for world-class companies, distinguished by the achievement of both financial and ethical excellence.

While this transformation is part of a global trend, it is especially urgent and vital in Africa because of its ethical failures, societal challenges and low trust levels.

Moving beyond compliance and CSI, this masterclass focuses on how responsible leadership and ethical culture builds trust, which in turn helps ensure sustainable, long-term relationships with employees, customers, communities, suppliers, investors and regulators. Drawing on diverse disciplines, the purpose of the course is to show how to position ethics at the heart of organisational decision-making.

Finance for Non-Financial Managers – 5 DAYS


Some Of Our Programmes and Trainings Includes:- 

Project Management

Finance, Banking, Auditing and Risk Management

Negotiation and Anti-Corruption

Public Sector Financial Management and Budgeting

Corporate Governance and Risk management

Media, Journalism and Business Communication

Monitoring and Evaluation

Research Methodology, Writing and Presentation

Environmental and Disaster Management

Customer Care and Public Relations

Mining Matters

Secretarial and Office Administration

Procurement, Logistics, Cold Chain and Supply Chain Management

Economics and Development

Information Communication Technology Programmes

Agricultural & Rural Development Programmes

Health and Safety Programmes

Hospitality and Tourism

Gender Management Programmes

Leadership, Human Resource and Organisational Development

Marketing, Public Relations and Sales