Course Outline:

The ever-evolving IT such as Cloud Computing, Big Data, Internet of Things (IOT – more and more being done through the Internet) etc., offers organisations tremendous benefits and at the same time brings with it major risk factors such as:

  • IT/Business misaligned from a strategic & operational perspective.
  • Misdirected IT investment decisions, non-prioritised/misaligned IT projects portfolio.
  • Major threats in IT security that may lead to data/information loss/leakage and Cyber threats that could cripple and even lead to an organisation’s demise.

In line with KingIII/IV, the Board needs to take accountability for IT Risk Management (the cornerstone for good IT Corporate Governance) by ensuring a sound IT Governance Framework (ITGF) exists and to direct and monitor the implementation thereof by Management who in turn is accountable in providing reasonable assurance to the Board that the ITGF is indeed being implemented.

To this end, ISACA’s COBIT 5, Risk IT and Val IT Frameworks offers a set of structured set of processes and activities that address IT benefits and risks in a holistic manner and will thus be the central point of reference for this training program.
A two-day course agenda


Part 1: Introduction to IT

  • Overview of IT & IT Infrastructure
  • IT Roles and Responsibilities
  • Risk Management role in IT Risk Management

Part 2: Overview of IT Governance

  • The importance of Good Governance and IT Governance
  • Generic IT Risks
  • IT Governance Frameworks

Part 3: KING III/IV and COBIT 5

  • Overview of Cobit IV and COBIT 5
  • KING III/IV on IT Risk Management
  • Understanding the COBIT 5 processes

 DAY 2

Part 1: Governance of IT Risk

  • IT Governance Processes and associated risks

Part 2: Management of IT Risks

  •  IT Management Processes and associated Risks

Part 3: Summary & Close

This RITG training helps answer the burning question of:

“IT may seem to be aligned to the needs of the Business and may believe it is doing the “right things” but is it doing it the “right way” and in a risk-based manner?


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