Hospitality & Logistics

Hospitality and Logistics

Pelvest Leadership Institute is located in the upmarket suburb of the city of Pretoria, South Africa. The management at Pelvest Leadership Institute understands and ensures that training becomes rewarding, enjoyable and memorable experience, hence we ensure that venues chosen provide a relaxing yet focused environment which allows delegates to concentrate and gain the maximum benefit from their training.

We also provide on-site training and or in these popular cities:

Cape Town   –        South Africa

Port Elizaberth –    South Africa

Durban        –        South Africa

Pretoria        –        South Africa

Dubai          –        United Arab Emirates


All our courses both in South Africa and international venues are priced without accommodation. The charge per course does not include accommodation. Pelvest Leadership Institute, however, assists delegates in finding accommodation by offering advice on a range of accommodation options upon acceptance. We provide prospective applicants with a list of closely supervised accommodation service providers to choose from.

Below is a guide of the special and standard rates in South Africa depending on the type:

Standard (Single) 4/5 Star $60 – $80 R600 – R800
Luxury 4/5 Star $90 -$120 R1100 – R1600
Standard (Single) Guest House $40 – $70 R400 – R700

Health cover and insurance

All participants are responsible for their

health and insurance cover for the duration of the course.

Airport arrival and departure

We urge our delegates to arrive a day or 2 before the scheduled start date. Our well trained drivers will be ayt the airport receive delegates, based on a pre-arranged itenary communicated to us. Delegates are not charged for this service. Pelvest Leadership Institute also arrange free transport to the airport to facilitate departure upon completion of the course

Study Trips (Excursions) 

The training includes trips to places of interest.

Every delegate is entitled to such
and arrangements are made

and transport wil be provided by Pelvest Leadership Institute.

However delegates pay their entry/admission and

entertainment fees if or when required.


Pelvest Leadership Institute provides meals (breakfast and lunch) during training sessions. You are requested to advise us of your food preferences

and we will provide you with exactly that.

This enables delegates to choose different types of accommodation to match their preferences.


Food approximately costs between USD20 and

USD30 per person per day in Pretoria.