• Customised Programmes of the PLI

    Each year, more than 60 leading global and South African organisations from the private, public and non-government sectors partner with the Pelvest Leadership Institute to design and deliver tailor-made interventions to develop their existing and potential leaders. Programmes are designed to have a measurable impact on an organisation’s ability to deliver on its business strategy and make its human capital a source of competitive advantage. Run with the professionalism of a streamlined business and enjoying long-term partnerships, PLI Custom Programmes assures impact through a clear assessment of organisational and individual needs, innovative learning design and rigorous measurement of business impact. The 10-strong team of professional designers, programme directors, managers and learning co-ordinators is constantly searching for and generating new approaches to customised executive education to ensure organisational impact and personal transformation.


    The PLI Custom Programmes unit collaborates with partner organisations to ensure programmes that are characterised by design co-creation, executive engagement and professional delivery. Delivery teams work closely with client teams to remain true to programme aims and the desired impact. PLI partners with organisations – in some cases for periods of up to 10 years – to meet the learning needs of managers year-on-year.


    The primary value of good partnership is deep customisation to organisational context, needs and goals. The PLI Custom Programmes unit has been highly ranked for its flexibility and constant improvement in partnering through customisation. Services include custom programmes, customised conferences, customised strategic discussion series and bespoke one-off events such as team alignment and creativity sessions.

Active Learning

To engage participants intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically, PLI designers and faculty craft learning processes which are varied and address a range of learning styles. Site visits, experiential immersions, company visits, business improvement projects, role plays, case studies, leader dialogues, boardroom presentations, scenarios and simulations, are just a few of the ways PLI Custom Programmes brings learning to life.

Impact Assured

The Custom Programmes team partners with clients to agree on relevant measurement approaches and instruments to ensure organisational impact.


PLI Custom Programmes deliver 120-130 programmes for 65-75 clients each year. For references please contact the Custom Programmes Director.

Where we work

PLI Custom Programmes is proud to have grown internationally with our partner companies. Our globally focused faculty and the internationalisation of executive development have allowed us to work with clients in many locations around the world. In line with our clients’ needs, we have the ability to deliver programmes throughout Africa and abroad through delivery teams and PLI faculty in any destination in the world. We also partner with other major global business schools in the desired destination.​

Our Process

For customised programmes PLI works through a 5D process: Discover, Design, Develop, Deliver and Demonstrate impact, ensuring that each phase honours the goals of alignment, integration and relevance to the client’s business.